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If You Suffer From Gynaecomastia On Gold Coast, See Dr. Moko

Gynaecomastia is a condition that some men suffer from where excess breast tissue accumulates resulting in what appear to be breasts. For most men, it is very embarrassing and leads to emotional problems. Men with gynaecomastia on the Gold Coast area can schedule a consultation with Dr. Sheree Moko, one of the most respected plastic surgeons around. Sheree Moko Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery has been in operation for five years and she has gained a reputation for exceptional, compassionate service. 
Gynaecomastia on the Gold Coast area is more common that one might think. Many men have excess glandular breast tissue or excess fat in the breast area. Some men may have a combination of both. The result gives men the appearance that they have breasts. The condition is caused by an imbalance between the male and female sex hormones. The growth of the tissue is not due to weight gain. Many men will try to lose weight to solve the problem. It will not work. Dr. Moko performs male breast reductions for those men who have suffered from this condition.
Dr. Moko takes great care with patients, listens to their concerns, and prepares them for what is to come. Men looking to have breast size reduced will meet with Dr. Moko and undergo a physical examination. The doctor will examine every patient’s medical history to ensure that a patient can go through with a procedure. Dr. Moko will share with patients the details of the procedure, what to expect after the surgery is completed, and any risks involved.

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